Tips to edit asciidoc in neovim or Vim like a boss !

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Après avoir passé une année et plus à éditer en asciidoc, j’ai pensé partager quelques suggestions et astuces que j’ai trouvé pratique. There do exist dozens of parameters, settings, and options in neovim/Vim which will determine the presentation of the text within vim itself. At times the presentation can improve or enhance the reading experience. On the other hand, remeber the <raison d’être > for asciidoc, est that a document toolchain will take care of the presentation of the final product.

“Silverblue Tip - Run commands anywhere”

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Do you find yourself regularly running utilities on your host system as well as in your toolbox? Just put this in your ~/.bashrc: for bin in fzf nvim code ranger anki meld poedit; do type -P $bin >/dev/null 2>&1 || alias $bin="toolbox run $bin" (1) done 1 add [ -c toolbox-name ] to run in a non default toolbox

Ivory Coast Keyboard no gymnastics

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I am very pleased to present the 'Ivorian Keyboard' on public repos pour rpm and deb based linux distributions. (Others like Arch, Alpine, Gentoo may follow). This keyboard allows 'easy' typing (without doing finger gymnastics) of Ivorian languages. Many multilingual keyboards require key combinations that interrupt the 'flow' of typing. This keyboard for the most common characters allows the hands to remain positioned normally on the keyboard. In addition capital and small case have the same 'movements' facilitating muscle memory.

Appropriate fonts for Bambara, Jula (and other Manding languages)

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Noto Sans ka ɲi ani Nunito ma ɲi dɛ! The internet is international, but not the case of all fonts.footnote [With the advent of digital typography, "font" is frequently synonymous with "typeface". Each style is in a separate "font file"—for instance, the typeface "Bulmer" may include the fonts "Bulmer roman", "Bulmer", "Bulmer bold" and "Bulmer extended"—but the term "font" might be applied either to one of these alone or to the whole typeface.

Web fonts for Mande languages

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List of all (Google) web fonts that are usable with Mande languages.[1] Table 1. Complete list of (Google) Web fonts for Mande languages. Noto Sans Istok Web![1] Source Sans Pro.[1] Noto Serif Fira Sans Fira Sans Condensed Fira Sans Extra Condensed Arimo

Nvim plugins

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Table 1. Nvim plugins Startup Plugin Version Usage Notes opt Asif (heads/master) opt coc.nvim (v0.0.79-131-gc9041340) opt goyo.vim (1.6.0-37-ga865dec) opt nord-vim (v0.7.0-94-gea7ff9c) Look Nice theme opt translate.vim (v0.0.3-5-gda98838) Writing not using currently